Thermal Printing

Your design can be transferred onto foil or transfer paper by means of either digital printing or screen printing. Next, the design is impregnated with colour and generated onto fabric by means of a thermal printer.

This method offers a great number of advantages. Small-scale production is economical since its cost is reduced. Moreover, a meticulously detailed design is created, which is of utmost importance when the clear outline is to be preserved. The virtually unlimited number of colours available and an extremely effective technique, CMYK, contribute to the success of thermal printing.

Information required to estimate the cost: the design size, the colour range, the print run and the deadline.

materiał do druku
only plain texture
nakład druku
print run vs cost
small-scale production is also cost-effective
ilość kolorów nadruku
colour range
dokładność nadruku
printing quality
very good

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